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Hier findest du Erfahrungsberichte von früheren Teilnehmern an Sprachreisen für Schüler nach Cahersiveen in Irland. Die Kursbeurteilungen vermitteln Dir ein Bild vom Englisch-Unterricht sowie dem Ambiente an der Schule. Für Rückfragen zum Programm kannst du uns montags bis freitags von 9 bis 18 Uhr telefonisch unter 0761/286470 oder 286476 erreichen. Oder sende uns Deine Fragen einfach an info(at)dialog.de. 

Kurs: Paket Standard

The month I spent at Asana was one of the best times of my life. I went there in the summer of 2007 with a scholarship from the Valencian government. It was the first time I travelled abroad and I was very excited about it. Also, my sister got the opportunity to study with them four years before, and she came back home telling us how cool everything was. I still remember the moment I got out of the plane, how nervous I felt. Everything was new, different. But the host family was very kind, and from the first minute they tried to make me feel comfortable by including me in their daily life. At the school, the teachers did their best to motivate us, and I have to say they were quite successful! We loved their lessons! Also, they kept an eye on us to make sure we were ok, and they were always there with a smile and a good piece of advice. We spent an amazing month! I felt so happy that I keep comming back every summer.

Alex K.
Kurs: Paket Standard

Asana School is an extraordinary experience, although you might not realize this as you live and enjoy day after day there. On your last night you feel that it is impossible to part with these wonderful people, who are not there only to teach you - they love you and care about you, they are genuinely interested in you and happy to share, they had become your family, your close friends. I miss them from the day I left and I'm certainly coming back.

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